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The pleasure of a mixture in which a heart beats in Ethiopia, the land that produces the coffee we love most. A blend of five arabics that can complement each other, developing an elegant harmony full of perfumes.







In Grains

Cavers n°1 is available in grains, ready to be ground. Sacks in 1 Kg format

Quality blend

Five different varieties of arabica. Only when the quality of the different species used in the mixture is high, it is possible to talk about a coffee of great value. Savoring quality arabica means choosing mixtures that do not have more than 10 different types of coffee. In some cases different toasting of the same coffee is used. The final result should be a balanced drink with a bouquet of intense aromas; the bitter notes should never prevail excessively.

Medium toasting

The beans have a medium brown hue and are a little larger. They too do not have any oil on the surface. However, there is a greater balance between flavor, aroma and acidity. In addition, the amount of caffeine is lower. Such beans are toasted at temperatures ranging from 210 ° C to 220 ° C, ie between the end of the "first crack" and just before the start of the "second crack".


Arabica originates in the mountainous territory of Ethiopia and was first cultivated in today's Yemen. It is the most valuable quality of coffee and accounts for 70-75% of world production. It grows lush in tropical areas between 800 and 2,200 meters. This variety is more delicate than the Robusta variety, needs regular watering, while it can not stand long periods of drought, continuous rain, low temperatures and strong wind. Love the shadow of the other trees and a temperature of 20 ° C. This plant thrives in Central America and South America, but also in the eastern coasts of Africa.


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